Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Welcome, Ameboviral!

These terms and conditions outline the rules and policies for usage on the amiboviral website, which is accessible at the following URLs: ameboviral.com .

If you visit this site We believe you are agreeing to these conditions. Do not continue using Amboviral if you don’t agree to all the terms and conditions that are on this site.

The following terminology is applicable to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Disclaimers, and Terms of Service and all other agreement: “customer”, “you” and “your” refers to you who sign up on this site and are in compliance with these terms and conditions that govern our business. “Company”,” we”,” we”,” our ” and ” we ” are part of our business. “Part”, “part” as well as ” we ” denote us and the client. The conditions apply to the acceptance, offer, and the payment that is as a payment in order to assist the client to achieve as effectively as it is possible fulfilling the needs of the customer in relation to the services offered by the company in compliance to the law applicable within the Netherlands. Any of the above terms or other words that are plural or singular, as well as capital letters and/or he/she/they can be interpreted in a mutual sense and are referring to similar terms.


We make use of cookies. By accessing the amiboviral website you agree to utilize Cookies in accordance with Amboviral’s Privacy Policy.

Most websites that interact with users make use of cookies each time they receive information from users. Cookies are utilized in our web site’s navigation to aid the operations of specific areas, making it easier for users to navigate to our site. Some of our affiliates/advertising partners may also use cookies.


Unless stated otherwise unless otherwise stated, licensors and/or amibovirals all intellectual rights about ambovirals. Intellectual property rights are in the ownership of the amibovirals. Access is available via Amboviral at home subject to the restrictions laid in these terms and condition.

This is not a good idea,:

Content to be reproduced from the amibovirals.
In the section on licensing renting and selling amiboviral devices .
Do not copy, duplicate or copy content from the amibovirlen
Distribute the contents of amibovirals.

This Agreement commences from the date of the agreement.

Certain areas of the site offer users the chance to voice their opinions as well as other details in specific areas of the website. Amiboviral doesn’t moderate, edit the content of comments, or publish them before they are published on the site. Comments do not express the opinions or views of amiboviral or its affiliates and/or its representatives. Comments reflect the views and views of the people who voice their opinions and opinions. In the manner permissible by the law, amiboviral is not responsible for any damages or comments or other expenses that result from the publication, use or display of comments posted on this website.

Amiboviral retains the rights to examine any comments published and remove all comments that are deemed to be offensive or inappropriate or are in contravention of these terms and conditions.

You warrant and verify it:

You are allowed to leave your comments on our website and grant all permissions and licenses;
Comments are not infringing intellectual property rights, such as trademarks patents, trademarks, or copyrights granted by third parties.
Comments should not contain offensive, defamatory, defamatory pornographic, illegal or pornographic content that is in violation of privacy.
Comments should not be intended to encourage or promote commercial or commercial activity or illicit actions.

Amboviral grants you the non-exclusive right to reproduce, utilize and modify your remarks in any format, form or medium. You allow others to reproduce, utilize and alter your comments in any format, form or format.

Link to content from our website

The following organizations can join our website, but without prior written consent

  • Government agencies;
  • Engine;
  • Press Organization;

Catalog sellers may make hyperlinks to our website similarly to how they make links to the websites of other companies that are listed and
Alongside inviting non-profit organizations and charities, shopping malls and charitable organisations to raise funds, we also invite companies that have been accredited through the system aren’t registered on our website.

You may also sign in to our publications and our homepage or other sites as long as the hyperlink (A) does not misleading in any manner; (B) does not suggest endorsement, sponsorship or approval of the particular party or its services, products or services in any manner or in any way; and (C) is accessible with an attribution to you on the site of the respective party.

We also have the ability to examine and accept requests for additional hyperlinks from the following kinds of organisations:

Information that is available to businesses or consumers
dot.com Community websites;
Groups that represent their interests in charitable organisations;
Online dealer list;
Internet portal;
Accounting, consulting and
Professional associations, law societies as well as educational institutions.

We will allow hyperlinks from these organizations if we determine that (a) the link isn’t a bad idea for our branches, (B) the company does not have any negative actions to the organization; (C) The benefits associated with visibility for Hyperlinks outweigh absence of amibovirals (D) this hyperlink is visible in relation to general information regarding the resource.

The organizations can establish hyperlinks to our home page If the hyperlink (A) doesn’t deceptive in any way; (B) is not false in implying that it’s a sponsor or endorsement by a related entity or providing products, services or products as well as (C) is connected to the website of the particular company.

If you’re one of the businesses mentioned within Paragraph 2. If you are one of them and you wish to connect to our site It should be reported by sending us an email at ameboviral@gmail.com . Include your name, company Contact details, name as well as the URL of your site, and an overview of all URLs that you would like to connect to our site and an outline of the URLs of our site that you would like to link to. Give us a couple of weeks to receive an answer.

Organizations that have been approved may connect to our site:

We are able to use our name as a company, and we have the right to do so.
Utilizing a resource locator that connects similar
With a distinct description on our site It is sensible to consider the nature and context of the material on the website of the respective site.

Amiboviral logo or other art work is permitted without an agreement to license trademarks.


Without written consent You are not permitted to build frames on our website that alter the look or aesthetics of our website by any means.

The content is the responsibility of the author.

We do not have any responsibility for the information you publish on your site. You agree to shield us from any claims that might arise from your website. The link must be posted on any site that could be considered to be criminal, defamatory or offensive, or which violates, breaches or encourages infringement of rights or any other violation of the right of third-party rights.

Your privacy is important to you.

Take the time to read the Privacy Policy.

Reservation of rights

We reserve the rights to demand to remove all or a portion of our hyperlinks on our site. You agree to immediately delete any links on our website at the time of the request of our website. We have the right to alter this Agreement and the connection policy at anytime. When you visit this website, you are agreeing to abide by and comply with these conditions of usage.

Deleting our links

If you discover any link on our website that is offensive , for whatever reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We’ll take into consideration requests to remove links but we aren’t required to remove them or even answer directly.

We cannot warrant that the website or the information on it are correct We cannot guarantee that the information provided is correct or complete. We cannot guarantee that the website is accessible or the information available on the Website is up to date.


In the manner permitted by the law, we disclaim any warranties, claims, or conditions that relate to the website or use of the website. The disclaimer that we provide does not mean:

Limit or exempt us from liability our liability in the event of personal injury or death;

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