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9 Most Prettiest Caribbean Islands You Should Visit

One of you should do before kicking the bucket is to visit some beautiful places around the world. Here I will show you the 9 Prettiest Caribbean Islands you should properly see.

These places are very beautiful, you should try seeing places to have some beautiful moments with your family and friends.

Prettiest Caribbean islands

Bahamas Andros

Bahamas Andros
Bahamas beach sign with Bahamas island names on it.

Andros, the largest of the almost 700 islands in the Bahamas, has the air of a pristine getaway.

Andros also referred to as the “Blue Hole Capital of the World,” is home to more than 150 blue holes, some of which are even safeguarded in the 40,000-acre Blue Holes National Park.

It also boasts the distinctive turquoise waters of the Caribbean. The third-largest barrier reef in the world is located on the island.

Saint Lucia

With its two Pitons, which are recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Lucia is probably the most picturesque island in the Caribbean. Two towering volcanic plugs on the island, the Gros and Petit Pitons, undoubtedly add to its splendor.

This is our top recommendation for honeymooners and couples looking to travel to the Caribbean because of the area’s white sand beaches, lush jungles, and private villas that dot the coastline.

If you’re looking for a private villa in St. Lucia, consider staying at one of these two exquisite resorts. Adults-only Calabash Cove is a luxurious boutique all-inclusive resort and spa.

We had a wonderful time during our stay, and it was everything a couple could want from a romantic getaway.

The view of the Petit Piton from Stonefield Villas Resort is breathtaking. It was one of the first resorts to open close to Soufriere and is locally owned and operated.

Jamaica, Goldeneye

One of our favorite little resorts in the world, Goldeneye, may have something to do with the fact that many travelers choose Jamaica as their port of entry into the Caribbean.

The house, which was formerly home to the man who created James Bond, Ian Fleming, today offers magnificent trees, softly sloping sands, and a beguiling turquoise sea for everyone to enjoy.

(Pro tip: On your balcony, appreciate those views to their fullest while sipping Blue Mountain coffee.


Barbados. You might want to grab your luggage and reserve a seat on the next aircraft just based on the name, and with good reason.

Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, with features like the pink sand of Crane Beach and the infamous “green flash” on the horizon as the sun sets over the water.

Work your way down the secluded beaches on the west coast of the island. then take a tour of the less developed but nonetheless stunning east shore. Just make sure you pack a good travel camera because you’ll use it frequently.


Given the fierce competition, it is no minor achievement that Anguilla is often ranked as having the best beaches in the Caribbean. The tiny island has over 30 picture-perfect beaches and numerous five-star hotels.

What else? It still retains all of its charm and personality. Visitors arrive in search of solitude, stay for more of the same, and enjoy world-class diving and snorkeling. Could this be the best Caribbean island? In my opinion.

Barbuda and Antigua,

The famed white sand beaches of Antigua contribute much to the island’s attractiveness, but Shirley Heights in the southernmost part of the island offers some of the region’s most breathtaking harbor views.

Yachts in brilliant white stand out against the turquoise water there. The complicated coastline of Antigua, which is dotted with coves and natural harbors, makes it a particularly alluring location.

Jamaica’s Exuma Cays

Our mouths fell when we flew over the Exumes in the Bahamas from Nassau as the stunning scene unfolded below. There are 365 islands and atolls in the Bahamas’ Exuma Cays, which are surrounded by gin-blue waters. spanning 176 km of seas with perfect clarity.

Although The Exumes are technically in the Atlantic, they are frequently included in the list of Caribbean Islands since they are our favorite island getaway.

The Exumes provide some of the best animal encounters in the Caribbean, including snorkeling in the fantastic Thunderball Grotto at Major Cay, swimming with sharks, and seeing the local pigs.

On Staniel Cay, Embrace Resorts is a fantastic place to stay if you’re searching for accommodations. It is a fantastic getaway for a couple in the Exumes and is locally owned and run.

Republic of Dominica

This island is perfect if you like to play golf. There is a lot more to the Dominican Republic than just being a hotspot for foreign golfers.

You may be particularly brave and visit both the Dominican Republic and Haiti since they share the same island. It not only has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the entire world, but it also includes colonial villages, rainforests, and mountains.

They have you covered whether you’re looking for waterfalls, mangrove lagoons, mountain peaks, or just want to get away from the daily grind and relax at one of their many resorts.

Make sure to check out La Romana, an insider’s tip. Locals claim that this area, which is tucked away in the southeast corner of the island, has some of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean. The major location is Bayahibe, a little fishing community that is off the grid and has few accommodations.


The largest island in the entire Caribbean is Cuba main island. In fact, it’s challenging to pick just a few of the top things to do on this stunning island. Cuba continues to elicit a great deal of mystery since it has been able to maintain its identity and independence.

It is an area free of any commercialism, full of gorgeous independent eateries, unspoiled beaches, and distinctive boutiques.

Depending on how long you plan to stay, we advise visiting Playa Las Tumbes for the best white sand and palm tree experience.

Hemingway’s Museum, located approximately ten miles outside of Havana, is worth visiting if you’re a fan. He authored “The Old Man and the Sea” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in this same house. A little touristic, but unquestionably worthwhile.

Cuba has other beautiful places that you should visit and make sure you have fun while you stay there to make your stay memorable.

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