How I Setup My Internet Money Making Funnel in Nigeria in 2022

I was on the lookout for ways to earn money online for a long time before I came across and tried the methods below:

1. Earn money on the internet through blogging. It’s a unique method.

Blogging is among the most sought-after strategies to earn cash online.

Many people who are making a move to the online world are choosing to blog. It’s among the most straightforward methods to earn money. You can work in the comfort of their homes and earn money on the internet.

You are free to work as you like. There’s no deadline or obligation on anyone else to submit your reports on time.

What exactly is blogging?

The blogging process is a type of writing that allows people to create blog posts on sites related to the topic they are interested in.

Who can blog?

Anyone can blog as long as they are proficient in any area. For instance, if you have a good grasp of baseball, you can write about it.

How much is the minimum required to get started blogging?

  • It could be either free or for a fee.
  • At no cost, users will be able to quickly and easily learn the fundamentals of blogging. Specialists from this area suggest blogging at no cost for six months up to a year to get knowledge.
  • After gaining experience with the application, it’s now time to upgrade to the version with premium features.
  • It’s about 50 dollars to build an effective website online.

How do you make money by blogging?

There are a series of ways to make money online in this advanced age which is through blogging.

  • Earn money making use of The AdSense Program by placing advertisements on your site.
  • The average person earns more than $1000 a day through Google AdSense in this area.
  • The affiliate marketing method is also a very well-known method. You can include affiliate hyperlinks to blog articles.
  • Promote sales of premium tickets on the blog you prefer.
  • You can gather and modify emails on your website.
  • This is how you can use email marketing to earn an enormous amount in online earnings.
  • Earn money through CPA marketing and also via your site.

2. Start a Niche YouTube channel For Yourself

It’s no secret that YouTube is now a popular site to earn money online effortlessly. Many people make thousands of dollars through YouTube through their skills and talents.

What’s the sum of money required to launch YouTube?

There’s nothing. Suppose you have the space and the computer to set up your YouTube channel today. You’ll require a Gmail account to establish your YouTube channel. YouTube. Upload your first video after you’ve created your channel.

Methods to earn money from your Youtube channel you own

There are many opportunities to earn money online by creating a channel on YouTube. YouTube channel.

  • Earn money from Google Adsense advertisements. If YouTube approves your channel, they will offer you the chance to earn revenue through your video advertising in various forms.
  • If your YouTube video has one million people watching it, you’ll earn 400-500 dollars.
  • Sponsorship is the most effective way to earn online money via YouTube channels.
  • Affiliate links are provided in the descriptions of each video. This could earn you massive amounts of money.
  • Promote affiliate agreements that provide the most value using the videos you create.
  • Create your unique item and then market the YouTube channel. YouTube.

3. Make and distribute eBooks

It’s also a classic method of earning money online without investing massive amounts of cash. You can write Ebooks and then sell the ebooks on different platforms.

What’s the need?

It is crucial to understand the topic you are interested in to write your Ebook. It is also essential to be capable of researching the subject matter you’re writing about.

They have tremendous success selling Ebooks that can assist readers in resolving their problems. If you’re able to create an intricate book that addresses various issues, you can earn as much as 1000 dollars in the course of the publishing and the publication of your Ebook.

An index of sites that allow the publishing of Ebooks

4. Sell images and click on them on the internet to earn cash

They also make vast sums of money selling their pictures.

If you’re a lover of snapping photos, your chosen camera is ideal for your requirements. You only need an outstanding digital camera that can take stunning photos. You can then sell it to people seeking pictures for their portfolios.

Several websites have been mentioned before that allow you to advertise and market your photographs. It’s an effective method to earn money online for photographers.

5. Work as a freelancer and start earning money right now!

These are my top ways to earn money online. It is possible to work from home and work on the flexibility of your schedule.

Most successful writers and the most profitable money-making online bloggers begin their careers as freelancers. It’s the best way to use your talents and earn money by obtaining and completing tasks.

Freelancing could be an excellent career choice for those who have a lot of experience.

  • Article writing
  • Copy Writing
  • Expert in digital marketing
  • Logo making
  • Voice over
  • Editing and production of videos
  • SEO professional
  • WordPress
  • Social Media
  • Web designing
  • Additional capabilities

This is how you build your reputation online, and people begin to connect with your brand. This is great for connecting and networking. If you’re known, more people will believe in your reputation, so the likelihood of receiving worthwhile projects increases as well.

Following are several websites which offer freelance opportunities.

It is ideal if you were continuously marketing your profile on social media to be able to make an impression early. After receiving between 10-20 job offers, you’re no longer required to market your portfolio frequently.

You can build a website that displays your skills and accomplishments. Your website lets potential clients know that you’re hiring for their needs within the online business sector.

6. Earn money online through affiliate marketing

The most successful bloggers make 70 percent of their money through affiliate marketing. This is why affiliate marketing has become so popular in earning money online.

It is because you get an available commission for each legally sold.

The sale may be of two types:

At first, it’s in the form of goods. E.g. ( Amazon products )

The second is offered through software that also allows selling tickets at a premium price.

The other one is more difficult to sell. It requires a lot of persuasive power to create an excellent image in the market.

I’ve talked about affiliate programs you can sign up for now and earn money through this post.

Affiliate programs offer a variety of ways to earn cash online

1. Amazon Associates

2. Clickbank

3. eBay

4. Shopify

5. Studio Press

6. CJ affiliate program

Create the HTML0, publish and sell Android apps via the internet

Programmers and developers earn upwards of 10,000 dollars a month to design Android applications. Android program.

Creating an Android application to run on Android is essential to mastering programming languages like Java or PHP. You will then need to run the application through Android Studio.

Specific platforms let you create Android apps without prior programming experience. You can create an app that you can share with your clients.

If you’re making HTML0 for yourself, you must follow the steps below.

1. You can create your Android application using various online platforms, including the Google Play Store. Google Play Store instance.

2. You can use a variety of highly profitable advertising networks to make massive profits through the course of your Android application.

3. You can also integrate affiliate marketing into your application.

4. You can also promote CPA offers via the Android application. It could earn you hundreds of dollars per month with no difficulty.

How do you create top-quality Android applications at no cost? Three ways

When you’re creating HTML0 content for users who don’t have HTML0, it’s suggested to

1. Your business can be advertised on a variety of freelance websites. Be sure that both individuals and businesses would hire you to create an application that will meet their needs. It is ideal to be organized and precise when working on this.

2. You can create your website to showcase your abilities in developing excellent Android applications. Make it known by using different methods online to reach potential clients.


If you’re having trouble developing Android applications or don’t want to sit around waiting for this.

Then, you can get in touch with them through

7. Create logos and designs for companies.

You can also create logos for companies and earn an income from the internet. Through Fiverr and Upwork, users have made hundreds of dollars doing this.

You can also begin the path to success by signing up on

1. Register your profile.

2. Create your profile for selling using a safe method.

3. Create a unique gig that can draw more customers to you.

4. Make use of videos and images to demonstrate why you’re unique from the rest of us.

5. Make sure you promote your brand’s profile on social media platforms to attract customers.

6. Earn money by creating logos for your customers.


There are numerous ways to earn money from the internet. However, it is best to invest the effort and time to complete the task initially. If you don’t have consistency and build a name, it’s difficult to imagine a thriving online marketplace.

The truth is that hundreds of thousands of people sign up each day to receive a check. However, only 5-10 % achieve the results that everyone would want to be able to.

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