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How To Apply And Get CH Muhammed Koya Scholarship

CH Muhammed Koya Scholarship is one of the scholarships currently available for a student who wishes to join and get a quality education without having to spend much money and still get a quality education that will lead them places in their lifetime and also have the opportunity to work anywhere the wishes to in this world.

Over the years, scholarship students have been proven to perform better at work and are very good staffs that have helped grow large expectations of a company, many scholarship students work in google and Facebook and have given a  very nice record for themselves, many of them have gone as far as starting their own firm and have really done well in building a standard company.

Scholarship students have built companies that have given jobs to many graduates which helps in eliminating the high rate of unemployment without creating more problems in society. A high rate of unemployment brings about instability in society which makes scholarship one of the forms of getting an education.

CH Muhammed Koya scholarship is currently offering scholarships to international students as well as home base students to study any course of their choice so far they are willing and capable to do with the stress that comes from schooling as an international student and the work attached to the choices course of study.

CH Muhammed Koya scholarship can only be applied online due to the fact that it basically made for international students, though home students can apply if they have the need to do so.

How To Apply For CH Muhammed Koya scholarship

If you wish to apply for the CH Muhammed Koya scholarship and get a stand a high chance of getting into the university, there are a few things to consider before doing so, some of them are listed below.

Age Of Applicant

There is an age range for the applicant, the applicant must be from age 16 and above. We are not sure if those below the age of 16 will have the opportunity to apply and get accepted into the university.

Belief Of Applicant

The student should be one who is a believer of the Islamic religion and can be proven in the way of formal documentation and test they may have to take in order to be certified that they are who they said they are.

Gender Of Applicant

This scholarship is specially made for the female gender as males are not allowed to apply for any reason. This scholarship help teaches and guide the female gender in the way of formal education and exposes them to education that will surely enrich their lives.

Applicant Must Hold an Active Bank Account

Application is expected to have an active bank account where money will be deposited, any kind of bank account is allowed be it students account or a savings account.

Condition of Living When Accepted

The accepted applicant is mandated to live in the hostel that will be provided by the school administration. The hostel has been equipped with the necessary things needed for the female students to be in school and get their education.


Make sure you check every one of the details they request in order for you to stand a better chance of getting admitted. It is best to take your time, go through the review and how the scholarship scheme works, and make sure you talk to people that know how to do it very well if you have extra questions or face any challenges of any kind.

You can come back here and ask us questions on how to fix things up, we will be happy to answer your questions and direct you on how best to fix the problem.

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