14 Companies That Pay You To Sell Their Products Online

Selling online is one of the ways I have made money over the years, there are a lot of things one can sell with the knowledge of marketing.

But if you want to start selling without owning a single product, you should register with top companies that give you products to sell, you get a percentage on each sale you make.

I have worked with some of these companies and can testify that the percentage of payment is high compared to what many others pay.

14 Companies That Pay You To Sell Their Products Online

Below are some companies that will pay you for selling their products online.

1. Start With Ambit Energy

Reduce your energy bills and earn free electricity by referring to others. Win-win! Ambit is available across Texas, California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, and New Hampshire. The drug will become available for purchase in Virginia from March 31st.

2. Try Out Mary Kay

When you are employed as an agent for the cosmetics company Mary Kay, your job is to sell cosmetics to people within your local community.

Mary Kay refers to those who help them sell their beauty consultants. To begin working with Mary Kay, you’ll need to buy a $100 start-up kit.

The next step is to market your company’s products and recruit others to work for you. You could earn up to 50 per cent of the items you sell and a percentage from sales made by others you hire.

3. Register With Essential Oils

In the last several years, I’ve examined numerous business plans that are absurd. CPTG essential oils are my top preference. They can straightforwardly transform your life. Replace your medicine cabinet with a 100 100% natural and pure product that’s more efficient than synthetic medications and costs less while earning an incredible living from selling a product you already enjoy!

4. Tupperware Organization

From cosmetics to food storage, we’ve got Tupperware.

The company is almost synonymous with high-quality, reusable food storage containers. The likelihood is that you’ve got one in your kitchen.

Selling Tupperware is an exciting opportunity if you are a fan of hosting gatherings.

A large portion of Tupperware’s business model is based on hosting parties where you showcase the flexibility of Tupperware items to family and friends.

Tupperware can even supply you with free products for hosting a gathering. Kits for starting with Tupperware cost 99 dollars.

5. bloom Designs  Company

Bloom Designs aren’t only stylish, but they are also top-quality and durable! They are a leader in beautiful personalized jeweler. You can include a personal phrase, Scripture, or even handwriting from your loved ones. I love that they donate 10 cents from every sale to the charity Basket of Hope!

6. Checkout Stella & Dot

sells fashionable accessories, clothes, and jeweler along with accessories and charms. If you sign up to become a Stella & Dot Ambassador, you can also sell their two other brands in the family, EVER and Keep Collective! When you become a Stella & Dot Ambassador, you can get three brands for the cost of one. Start your business with just $59!

7. Register With SYMBOL

sells inspirational jeweler made of one design element with all letters of the alphabet and every number hidden within intricate designs.

Please note that these businesses haven’t been thoroughly researched by me. As is the norm, do your research before enrolling in any business venture.

8. Start With Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef sells kitchen appliances of every kind through its network of experts.

Similar to Tupperware, the principal selling technique is to host events. On these occasions, you’ll be demonstrating the product to your guest.

If the guests love the food and like what they see, they can make an order at the time of your event or, after the event, by visiting the Pampered Chef store online. Pampered Chef online store.

Pampered Chef will supply you with plans for parties to help you get started and recipes to show the advantages of the products. You’ll have to choose an initial kit between $149 and $249.

9. The Young Living

If you’re interested in essential oils, I’m certain you’ve been familiar with Young Living. As a consultant, you receive the sweet benefit of a 24% discount on all your favorite products.

They provide essential oils, diffusers, accessories, and natural cleaning products that include most essential oils. They also offer personal care products (facial and dental products, as well as makeup) and items for fitness and health. If you’re unsure of the route you’d like to take (oils and health, home, etc.), there are many different starting kits to choose from.

10. Register With Honest Company

The Honest Company (from Jessica Alba) offers new formulas, innovative formulations, and thoughtful designs for their babies and beauty products, making them safe for babies and toddlers.

They understand being a parent can be already difficult enough, which is why they’re determined to make life a bit simpler by providing completely secure and efficient products. Through The Honest Company, you can be sure that your children are receiving the highest quality of care.

You can sign an affiliate of Honest and earn a percentage each time someone clicks your unique link to this Honest company.

11. Simply Fun Company

You’ll love the company that is about family! Simply Fun offers games that provide real-world skills that the entire family will love playing. You can sign up to be a “Play ologist” with one of two kits for starters, starting at $49 or $139, and start making weekly commissions of 25-42 percent!

12. Parking spaces for cars not used

Have a parking space that is private but doesn’t own a car? You’ll be surprised by how much cash you can earn by renting your car parking space. There’s more opportunity if you live close to the city’s center.

Please check with your landlord when you rent since it might be considered subletting.

13. Color Street Company

Color Street is another very loved direct sales business that consumers can’t stop talking about.

They sell nail polishes that stick on (not to be confused with stickers) for feet and hands that mimic the look and feel of a real manicure. It is possible to purchase an equipped starter kit for just $129 and earn a 25 percent commission weekly.

14. Register With Traveling Vineyard

Are you paid to hold wine tasting events? Yes! There is only $49 required to start, and you don’t even need to be an existing expert in wine to spread your love for premium wines and earn up to 35 percent commission.

Bottom Line

Starting with this company listed above is free, meaning you do not need to pay any kobo to start selling for them.

Looking at the information I have provided, it is very obvious that their percentage is very high which is a good sign of a company that pays their sellers well.

You can register with many of them, in order to increase your chances of making more money with just a single funnel.

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